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- GPS, external
- GPS, integrated
- GPS/communications
Differential GPS
- Real-time DGPS correction services
- Real-time DGPS receivers
- Reference stations
GLONASS hardware/software
Integrated instrumentation with GPS
- Automated machine control
- Integrity monitoring
Integrated navigation equipment
- Geographic information systems (GIS)
- Geodetic/geophysical
- Handheld
Receivers (Cont'd)
- Land vehicle navigation/route guidance
- Marine
- OEM modules/engines/chipsets
- Software receivers
- Surveying
- Surveying/GIS
- Surveying/RTK
- Coordinate conversion
- Geodetic surveying
- GPS-related Internet applications (mapping, navigation, tracking, etc.)
- Mapping
- Network adjustment
- Pre-/postprocessing
Surveying-related equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
- Components (including software)
- Integrated Systems
CHC Navigation
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Phone: +86 21 5426 0273
Street Address
599 Gaojing Road, Building C
Shanghai, 201702 China
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Founded in 2003, CHC manufactures competitive and reliable GPS and GNSS receivers and provides complete positioning solutions for surveying, construction, GIS and CORS applications with a strong international presence and employs more than 800 professionals worldwide. 

CHC’s international partner’s network brings dedicated support to users regardless of the locations in the world. The North America Office locates at Dubuque, USA provides sales, support and service to all North America clients.

Where to Buy
CHC Navigation - Corporate Headquarter
599 Gaojing Road, Building C,
201702, Shanghai, China

Phone:  +86 21 5426 0273
Email :

CHC - North America Office
305 Cedar Cross Road,
Dubuque, IA 52003, USA

Phone:  +1 (563) 543-2784
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